Maximum comfort, minimum effort – Winter Favourites

Winter in Melbourne will officially begin in a week and I am pretty much armed with all of my winter essentials ready to take on the winter chills.

THIS entire outfit was purchased during my recent trip to Seoul, South Korea (vlogs to come soon, I have been extremely caught up) except the Bailey Nelson sunnies which was purchased locally.

The most vital pieces of clothing you should collect for this winter are:

  • A nice ‘throw-it-on’ trench coat you can put on with basically any casual outfits. The more neutral and basic the colour, the better. I am wearing Zara’s trench here which I picked up at COEX Mall for less than $200.
  • Casual laced-up leather shoes (ones that look quite similar to school shoes but a lot cooler) to add a hipster touch to your otherwise very simple look. I bought these from COS Store in Melbourne CBD, these were expensive but I have been living in them so I guess I really find them useful. If you do plan in looking to buy these – make sure  you ask for extra shoe-laces because mine broke at least 3 times after tying knots on them but I still love it.
  • Low-crotch loose pants for maximum comfort – I know we all love wearing tight jeans but on some days I just want a different experience, therefore these COS pants are perfect for that. They give a boyish look and you can match it with your raddest pair of sneakers or ankle boots and just roll the ends up.
  • Oversized sunnies are again a must for any season of the year really, but especially for winter I really dig the colourful edgy sunnies to go along with my dark layers on days where clouds don’t hide the sun. I bought these from Bailey Nelson – they are sick check it out here.

Other than the pieces of clothing I am wearing, your main essentials should be a pair of knee-high boots, ankle boots and rain boots for different occasion and weather. I especially love wearing my knee-high boots with long woolen coats/trench, ankle boots with skinny jeans and rain boots on um wet days (who would’ve thought?) :)

Check out my Instagram on the main page or @thuy_m for other looks with the aforementioned footwear. Stay tuned for my next post! which should be a food one for mexican restaurant: El Habanero in South Melbourne.

Photographer: ME :) self portrait mode.






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