Autumn trends – White is the new black?

Does it surprise you that we are already one quarter into 2016?

Have you thought about all those things you said you’d do this year and are low-key freaking out because time is just flying?

Three months ago, I said this year I would like to move out – well that hasn’t happened yet, but it is still on the cards. I said I’d become more independent and yes I can comfortably say that during the past three months, I’ve really done a lot of things for myself and by myself including taking my own blog photos! It really does feel great when you know you don’t have to depend on anyone else and can get up and do your own thing whenever you want, wherever you want.

I also said I’d make videos… I haven’t quite figured out what the focus on my videos will be about yet so that one is still on hold. Hopefully, I will grow a pair and get onto that later on in the year. Travelling was also mentioned – I will be flying out to South Korea and Japan in 7 days! I bought my ticket out of Melbourne just a week ago and am getting slightly nervous because no one speaks English in S Korea apparently. Great, just great. Nevertheless, there’s nothing Google and Wi-Fi can’t fix so hopefully I will find my way back home.

Watch this space for updates on my holidays :) especially the gram, it will be infested with pics daily!

Pictured below is a dress from Maurie&Eve, I haven’t purchased from this label before but fell in love with their minimal-styled white staple pieces during my random Thursday night stroll across Bourke St Mall. If you haven’t noticed, I enjoy taking photos during sunsets – all about that sunglow-life baby. I hope you like these shots… If you enjoy looking at my blog don’t forget to subscribe! x Now go, think about your list of things you said you’d do this year!!! Tick-tock!









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